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Jeromy Sonne

Buying Programmatic Ads On The Open Web: Part 1

Understanding the programmatic ads stack, what each piece does, and the sorts of ads you can buy in the wider adtech universe — Part 1 of a 3-part series. This is a guest post written by Jeromy Sonne, who is a marketer turned to the dark side of building adtech. Jeromy...

Cory Dobbin

How To Create High-Performing Ads

Creative is the #1 mechanism behind the performance of your ad account. This is how you make ad creative that converts. Today's edition of The Marketer's Playbook is brought to you by the Psychology of Marketing newsletter. The best marketing is based on science, not assumptions, and in the Psychology...

Cory Dobbin

Why Are We Taking Less Risks?

Younger generations are taking less risks. Why is that, and what impact does this have on consumer behaviour and marketing? Humans are becoming more risk-averse, and generally speaking, this is a good thing. Sure, risk aversion is important in marketing when looking at consumer psychology, but what's most interesting about...

Cory Dobbin

Growth Is Killing Your Business

Improving a business' operations often happens in phases depending on the company's scale — probably something along the lines of improving core functionality, refining the user experience, audience expansion, monetary growth, and profitability. The problem, though, is that at some point, once you have your audience figured out and engaged, you...

Cory Dobbin

Attribution Doesn't Matter

I know what you're thinking: "If I have to hear about attribution one more time I am going to quit marketing and move deep into the woods and pick up bushcraft". I don't blame you. In fact, I might join. There's no denying that attribution is a hot topic recently...

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