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⚙️ Facebook's New Campaign Objectives

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It looks like Facebook has finally started introducing some of the aspects of the new Ads Manager, starting with new objectives. According to Facebook, they are “gradually introducing a new set of consolidated campaign objectives in Ads Manager.” What does this look like? Well…
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Facebook Ads Manager's optimizations are changing. You will soon only have 6 options to choose from:

☑️ Awareness
☑️ Traffic
☑️ Engagement
☑️ Leads
☑️ App Promotion
☑️ Sales

Expect to see blank fields in your dashboard when this change happens as they won't be combining data.
NOTE: There was an error in this post - I meant ‘objectives’, not ‘optimizations’.
Initially I wasn’t able to find too much on this, so I decided to do some digging and reached out to a team over at Facebook to get more information.
First of all, it’s important to note that this is mostly just a name change + consolidation, and that the new objectives should still work as you’re used to. From Facebook:
“Objectives are now grouped together based on their expected business outcome. Objective names will change but you can still perform the same functions and access the features you’re familiar with.”
Let’s take a look at what the existing objectives are going to be replaced with:
The biggest change that you’ll notice is that all objectives will now require you to select an ‘objective location’. There’s a lot of info on this part, so I’ve explained this verbatim from what Facebook sent me as to eliminate any confusion.
So, for example, if you create a campaign with the Leads objective, you can choose Website, Instant Forms, Messenger, Phone or App as your conversion location. Depending on the conversion location you select, you’ll then choose a conversion event. The conversion event you choose will tell Facebook the action you want your audience to take once they’ve landed on your conversion location.
“…not all conversion locations have more than one conversion event option, because the conversion event is assumed. For example, if you choose Messenger as your conversion location, you won’t see any conversion event options.”
Let’s assume the goal for your Leads campaign is to encourage people to contact your business through your website. So, you’d choose Website as your conversion location and Contact as your conversion event. You’ll note that you also have Lead, Submit Application and Schedule as alternative conversion event options.
Campaigns made before the change will retain their existing objectives, and can even be duplicated with the existing objectives until the end of 2021. There is currently no word, however, on whether or not the end of the year is the hard cut off date.
As far as actual roll out on this goes, it is yet to be determined. As with most changes they make, it looks like this will be a gradual roll out across accounts. So, just sit back, relax, and keep an eye on your account for these new changes.
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