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Cory Dobbin

Why Are Your Ads So Expensive?

Welcome back to another edition of The Marketer's Playbook! Today, I wanted to talk about something more conceptual. While recently auditing an ad account for performance, I realized that I have been using a few self-created concepts to help better understand the data. These concepts aren’t necessary by any...

Cory Dobbin

Save Money On Your Retargeting

In February 2021, I tweeted about a theory that talked about objectives/optimizations in lower-funnel campaigns. The concept was that, for retargeting campaigns, you could set either your objective to reach or your optimization to link clicks/impressions to save big money on the high CPMs of purchase optimizations. Sounds...

Cory Dobbin

Making Middle Of Funnel Better

It's MOFU, But Glowed Up. I've been spending some time lately thinking about how I'm building my Middle-Of-Funnel (MOFU, moving forward) campaigns. I feel like I've always kind of had the same structure that I lean on for more conversion-focused accounts, and it doesn't really 'hit' the way that I...

Cory Dobbin

Let’s Talk About Performance Max

For those unaware of what this even is, it's the newest campaign type on Google Ads. With Performance Max, Google essentially takes a 'shotgun' approach by putting (almost) all of their campaign types into a single ad unit and dynamically serving it across all of their platforms and placements. The...

Cory Dobbin

The 5-Step Meta Ads Manager Audit

FB Ads Manager can be confusing. This confusion can be made even worse when performance is pointing down and you aren’t entirely sure what changes will have a positive impact. Below, we will look at my top 5 favourite indicators for evaluating poor performance and how to optimize them....

Cory Dobbin

You Could Segment Your Retargeting More

How to approach segmentation in your bottom-of-funnel campaigns, and how to compliment that with bid caps. Last night I sat down and spent some time thinking about how I wanted to approach my account structure for BFCM. Do I do what I’ve always done, or do I try something...

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