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Cory Dobbin

How To Create High-Performing Ads

Creative is the #1 mechanism behind the performance of your ad account. This is how you make ad creative that converts. Today's edition of The Marketer's Playbook is brought to you by the Psychology of Marketing newsletter. The best marketing is based on science, not assumptions, and in the Psychology...

Cory Dobbin

Can Marketers Do Better?

Exploring the ethics of marketing and the impact that eCommerce as an industry has on the world. A quick note: This is a repost of one of the very first The Marketer's Playbook articles. Over time, many articles have been lost, but there are a few that have been found....

Cory Dobbin

Why Are We Taking Less Risks?

Younger generations are taking less risks. Why is that, and what impact does this have on consumer behaviour and marketing? Humans are becoming more risk-averse, and generally speaking, this is a good thing. Sure, risk aversion is important in marketing when looking at consumer psychology, but what's most interesting about...

Cory Dobbin

Landing Page To Checkout In One Click

How To Auto-Populate Your Shopify Cart. The more you know and the more tools you have at your disposal, the more robust your marketing strategy can be. I had always found myself leaning towards strategies that required similar functionality to what I'm about to show you, but because I didn't...

Cory Dobbin

WTF Happened To Funnels?

Top-of-funnel paid media tactics and using traffic and engagement optimizations to fill your funnel. Hi everyone! Welcome back to another edition of The Marketer’s Playbook. Today I’d like to get into something a little different. This is a study of marketing concepts and an analysis of how this...

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