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Cory Dobbin

Rendering Your Own Product Obsolete To Increase Sales

How to use the tactic of Dynamic Obsolescence to your advantage, increasing returning customer rates and, in turn, profits. While you may be unfamiliar with the term 'Dynamic Obsolescence,' you are probably somewhat familiar with its uglier cousin, 'Planned Obsolescence.' Planned obsolescence is a strategy some companies use...

Chase Mohseni

How To Build A Creative Moat For Your Business

How to use data to build better ads, beat your competition, and create a world-class creative system to unlock revenue. This is a guest post written by Chase Mohseni, the Head of Marketing & Growth @ Pencil. He focuses on helping brands find the most value out of their paid marketing efforts...

Cory Dobbin

Can Marketers Do Better?

Exploring the ethics of marketing and the impact that eCommerce as an industry has on the world. A quick note: This is a repost of one of the very first The Marketer's Playbook articles. Over time, many articles have been lost, but there are a few that have been found....

Cory Dobbin

Why Are We Taking Less Risks?

Younger generations are taking less risks. Why is that, and what impact does this have on consumer behaviour and marketing? Humans are becoming more risk-averse, and generally speaking, this is a good thing. Sure, risk aversion is important in marketing when looking at consumer psychology, but what's most interesting about...

Cory Dobbin

Using Attribution Windows To Segment Audiences

How To Use Meta's Ad Set-Level Attribution Settings To Adjust Your Audience Segmentation 7-day click, 1-day view. 1-day click, 1-day view. All click, no view. What should you use? It helps to change the framing of this from a reporting question to a targeting question. That sounds weird, I know,...

Cory Dobbin

The Interest Venn Diagram

How To Discover Hidden Audiences. I recently wrote a guest post on the Shoelace blog that was a think-piece about how you can discover previously hidden interest-targeting options for your prospecting campaigns. I call it the Interest Venn Diagram. I'll briefly explain how it works here, but for greater detail...

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