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As privacy tightens up, transparency increases, as seen in a recent update to Meta’s Ads Library. Right now, in the EU only (for now), you can see a huge increase in data available. As Rok points out below, you can now see the total reach for each ad, with a breakdown of country, gender, and age. With that, you can pretty reasonably deduce how much ad spend has been put behind each ad, too, which can be quite revealing when conducting competitive research. I’m unsure how I feel about this just yet, but if everyone is affected equally, I suppose the game is on! Check out Rok’s tweet about this below and get your competitive research in motion!


As some of you may have already seen, Ash had tweeted previously about how he was conducting a pretty expansive reset on a reasonably large account, going as far as creating entirely new Facebook and Instagram accounts for it. This might sound a bit extreme, but every strategy has its use in the right place at the right time. In his Twitter thread below, Ash breaks down exactly how and why he did this, and I think that, by the end, you might come around to this strategy yourself.


Want to know how to maximize engagement and reach organically on Twitter? Some developers did some digging into Twitter’s open-source algorithm and were able to parse out some useful information. This includes maximizing the reach of your tweets by replying to every comment on your post that you can. Check out this article for more details, as well as Matt Navarra’s summary in a tweet below.


If you are active in practically any marketing community, it’s likely you’ve heard Nik Sharma’s name thrown around. Over the years, he’s built and helped launch many successful brands and has decided to share all of these learnings in the Twitter thread below. Here, he goes into great detail about how to think about the financial side, great marketing tools to maximize conversion rates, and more. Check out his thread below for the full breakdown.


Bar Bruhis from Kno recently tweeted about an interesting discovery he uncovered through their post-purchase survey platform. When looking at TV ad spots, many advertisers are looking at a 28-day conversion window for attributing sales to their campaigns. But, after looking at the data, nearly 70% of respondents who discovered a brand through a TV ad spot said they knew about it for more than a month before making a purchase. With this knowledge, those advertisers using the 28-day window might be missing a lot of attribution to their campaigns and possibly deciding to cut campaigns that may have otherwise performed for them. Check out Bar’s tweet below for more details.


Sure, your brand might have a really cool logo and high-quality products, but none of that is going to matter if you run out of money in 6 months. Truly understanding your financials is the biggest lever you can pull for the success of a business. With that in mind, Abir shared a great tweet recently breaking down how you can build a super efficient Contribution Margin calculator in Excel/Sheets. This is straightforward and critical for success, so if you don’t have one of these yet, I highly recommend checking out Abir’s tweet below for more info.


Not really much need for examination here, just a fun, thumbstopping ad that is a shock at first but actually quite well aligned with the brand once you digest it. It also follows the recent trend of terrible 90s-era graphics and design. Overall, I quite like this ad, even though it’s a bit boorish.


Agency: AOR Courage

As part of a new OOH and YouTube ad campaign, KFC’s slogan ‘finger-lickin’ good’ takes aim at utensils. This campaign is fun and to the point. Creative, solid storytelling, well aligned with the brand in both practicality and in terms of ‘vibe,’ it’s an overall solid campaign. I also love how the static OOH ads differ somewhat from the companion video, where it’s not focusing on ‘sad’ utensils but rather the people themselves through the lens of the utensils.

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