Landing Page To Checkout In One Click

How To Auto-Populate Your Shopify Cart.

The more you know and the more tools you have at your disposal, the more robust your marketing strategy can be. I had always found myself leaning towards strategies that required similar functionality to what I'm about to show you, but because I didn't know it existed, I wasn't able to reach execution in the way I had hoped. Now that I have this knowledge in my back pocket, I am using it all the time for various landing pages, email flows, and more.

Let's say you want to make a landing page for your ads. It looks great and communicates all the info you need right there. With that, you hope that customers go to checkout with the product from your landing page right away instead of bouncing around on your website and possibly leaving.

Well, with this trick, you can have your CTA buttons push to a preloaded cart instead of PDPs. Skipping PDPs altogether can improve conversion rates and overall UX by reducing the required number of pages per visit.

You can send a customer to a preloaded cart from an LP with the following link as the destination for your CTA:

https://yourstore . com/cart/{variant_id}:{quantity}

*make sure to remove the brackets*

First, the easy part: the quantity represents how many of the items you want to be added to your cart. Let's say you want the LP to push to cart with 3x of the product. Your URL would have ':3' at the end of it.

To find your variant ID, go to your product page in Shopify, and click the variant. From there, you can see the variant ID in the URL (the ID following /variants/, not following /products/, that's your product ID)

If your product has no variants to click on, you will need to use the automatically assigned variant ID, which is harder to find.

Go to your product page in Shopify, and add .xml to the end of the URL. This will give you the XML feed for the product page. Find the product's variant ID and add this to your CTA URL - image attached below for reference:

This strategy can become even more powerful if you have a unique landing page for each of your ad platforms. For example, a dedicated landing page for your TikTok ads with TikTok-oriented content and a special TikTok only discount code for 10% off. When customers land, they can be presented with 'Use code TikTok10 for 10% off!'.

The good news is that you can also append the URL of your CTA to have the discount code auto-populate in your cart. To do this, just add the following to the end of your URL:


Putting all of this together, for example, a final URL of a populated cart with 1 item and a discount applied, would be:

https://www . brand . com/cart/32378003226684:1?discount=TIKTOK10

Hopefully, this helped, and if you end up using this tactic on any of your landing pages, send them over! I'd love to see how you implemented it!

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