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[Micro Edition] TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit & More

✔ New TikTok Artist Accounts

✔ LinkedIn Gets CAPI

✔ Taika Waititi’s New Apple Ad

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SIDE NOTE 1: Today, we’re trying something new — Welcome to the first edition of The Marketer’s Playbook Micro!

Our micro edition gives you a shorter, more condensed version of the typical newsletter on a slower news week. This way, if there isn’t a big story you need to know about, you can still get the bits and pieces of interesting marketing-related content without reading through a number of full article breakdowns — essentially, an expanded BITES section! Let me know your thoughts on this new format by replying to this email! I’d love to hear what you think 🙌


  • TIKTOK UNVEILS ARTIST ACCOUNTS: In a relatively big update to user profiles, TikTok is launching ‘artist’ accounts that allow musicians to showcase their music, add new release labels, and improve discovery 🎵

  • THREADS LAUNCHING IN THE EU: Finally, Threads is coming to the EU next week! This is a big announcement for the platform, as they unlock a huge new market and lots of fresh data 🧵

  • INSTAGRAM TESTING PUBLIC STORY REPLIES: Instagram is testing a new feature that lets people add ‘hype’ to your stories by adding public replies. What could possibly go wrong? 🤔

  • TIKTOK WINS ITS CASE AGAINST MONTANA: In somewhat surprising news, TikTok just won a major victory against the state of Montana regarding its proposed ban of the platform ⚖

  • INSTAGRAM GETTING LINK HIGHLIGHTS?: It appears as though Instagram is testing the option to add a link highlight to your posts, something that will be hugely useful to brands on IG 🔗

  • THREADS HAS ADDED KEYWORDS: In a recent update, Threads has added the ability to search the platform (yes, finally) for keywords, which should help improve discoverability on the platform 🔑

  • X INTRODUCES NATIVE ARTICLES: X is introducing the ability for users to write and share articles directly on the platform, which is a fairly large departure from the platform’s typical short-form format ✍


  • REDDIT LAUNCHES NEW AD PLACEMENT: Reddit announces that carousel ads and product ads are now globally accessible to advertisers, and a new ‘Conversation Placement’ that sits within a subreddit’s conversation thread 🆕

  • LINKEDIN GETS CAPI: LinkedIn recently published an update that brought a suite of updates to their ad platform, but most notable is the introduction of Conversions API for improved trackability 📈

  • X IS RUNNING ADS ON YOUR VIDEOS: X is testing a new video ad placement that runs before your organically posted videos. Personally, I hate this, but what else should we expect at this point? 🙈

  • ELON MUSKS SAYS F*CK YOU TO ADVERTISERS: I just had to put these two stories side by side 😂. At a recent conference, Elon Musk told advertisers to “go f*ck yourselves if they leave the platform. Not sure this is part of a best-practice retention strategy, but let’s see how it plays out 👀

  • GOOGLE RUNS ADS ON BAD WEBSITES… AGAIN: I feel like we’ve been here before. Google has been recently accused of placing search ads on non-Google websites without explicitly mentioning it 🔍


  • TAIKA WAITITI x APPLE: Taika Waititi, the director behind JoJo Rabbit and What We Do In The Shadows, has directed a new Apple ad that brings a unique pinch of wonder to the brand 🔮

  • REDDIT GETS A REBRAND: And people are generally not that impressed. It’s fresher and cleaner but perhaps lacks a bit of creativity with a few questionable choices made. Check out the feedback here on Reddit’s Design subreddit for more context 📖

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