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In a new update, Meta has added a new tool to Ads Manager to help brands better optimize their spend during the holidays. This is honestly a fantastic update because having to micromanage budgets across a number of accounts during the BFCM weekend can be quite tedious, especially if you’re spending time setting up all of your campaigns ahead of time. This way, you can get ahead of it and save yourself some stress.

My question is whether or not having this increase/decrease in budgets by more or less than 20% will reset learnings. If it’s baked into the ad set settings, can you avoid this reset since the system knows about the change ahead of time? If it can do that, this would be extremely powerful for many advertisers.

As explained by Meta: “With budget scheduling, advertisers can choose to increase their daily budget to maximize promotional and sales opportunities. Before, an advertiser would have to manually adjust the budget at the desired time. After an advertiser’s promotional period ends their budget will automatically revert back to their daily budget that they initially set - no other steps needed.”

For more info, check out Meta’s website here for the full breakdown, as well as a few other small changes.


In a recent thread, Matt Navarra broke down all of the key takeaways from Sprout Socials’ new State of Social report, which surveyed 1,800 social media users and managers on topics ranging from reasons to engage with brands, feelings towards AI and more. Yes, this was a sponsored partnership post between Matt and Sprout Social, though I still believe there are some important takeaways in here for anyone using socials for their brands. For the full breakdown, check out Matt’s thread below, as well as the full report here.


Customer experience is usually something that most marketers will think of second to acquisition but is usually just as important. As marketers push for acquisition in demanding markets, they rely heavily on LTV to provide profitability over time, but with poor CX practices, this becomes very difficult. To help try and level everyone up in CX best practices, Eli Weiss and Gorgias have partnered on a guide to do exactly that. You can find the guide at the link below.


I know. Again? Yes, again. In an interview with Bloomberg on Friday, Mike Pence said, “Young Americans need to know that their privacy is being compromised.” It seems likely that this is coming from the recent lawsuit against TikTok for failing to protect minors from data collection, which is a pretty serious issue. While this may be true, to some degree, it seems unlikely that a push from Pence alone will make it happen this time around, but as usual, it only takes one person to start a fire. So, while I doubt this has an immediate consequence for TikTok, I’d keep my eye on it to see how it develops. For more info on the interview, check out Fortune’s article below.


This is a fantastic example of taking a viral moment and maximizing it. When Shohei Ohtani hit a home run into a screen running a Coors Light ad and broke a section of it, Coors Light saw an opportunity and ran with it. In a new campaign, they released both marketing materials and limited edition products to match, including ads that show the missing square with the text ‘hits the spot’ and cans that have a black square on them. Overall, it was really well executed, and honestly, it’s remarkably impressive how quickly they were able to turn this from an idea to a full run of product. Check out the Boardroom’s Instagram below for a video of the game where it originated, as well as the ads and can.


Agency: Biscuit Filmworks

WARNING: Sensitive subject matter.

This ad blew me away. It discusses such a delicate and serious subject in a way that feels digestible and comes equipped with all the requirements for action, such as a clear outline of what they want, why, and how to join in. The tone of the ad is perfect, too. It’s lighthearted enough not to scare people away from sharing it while serious enough to communicate the gravity of the message. Overall, it is very tastefully done. I hope this helps their campaign for justice immensely.

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