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YouTube Shorts, Twitch, & More 💭

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TikTok is reportedly preparing to prohibit links to third-party e-commerce sites like Amazon from its platform, according to a leaked document. The move is part of TikTok’s strategy to compete with other social media giants like Facebook and Instagram in the online shopping market with its own shopping tab, product catalogue, live-streamed shopping show, and creator marketplace. Check out the article below for more info.


In a new video, YouTube shares some of its best practices around maximizing the YouTube Shorts’ algorithm. In this video, they cover the algorithm itself, as well as how views are counted, ideal lengths and thumbnails, hashtag usage and more. Check out the video below for all of the details.


Twitch, the leading live-streaming platform, is testing a new discovery feed that will show users personalized recommendations of live and pre-recorded videos based on their interests and viewing history — effectively, TikTok or IG’s Reels. The feature, which is currently available to a small group of users, will appear as a carousel on the homepage and as a tab on the mobile app. The discovery feed will also allow users to filter the recommendations by categories, such as games, music, sports, and more. Twitch hopes the new discover feed will help improve discoverability for creators on its platform and increase user retention. Check out the article below for more info.


This one pretty much speaks for itself — it’s IG stories, but now with comment sharing! In a new update, reported coming soon, Instagram has introduced a new feature allowing brands and creators to share specific comments on their posts to their stories. This new feature should help with highlighting feedback and acting as testimonials for their brands. For more info, check out Alessandro Paluzzi’s post below:

  • THE THREADS WEB APP IS LIVE: Finally, the long-awaited web version of Meta’s new X competitor is live. For those who live on X, this should be the push you need to use the platform more frequently.

  • PUMPKIN SPICE ARRIVES EARLIER EVERY YEAR: You’re not just imagining it - the data shows that pumpkin spice-flavoured drinks are arriving at popular cafes earlier every year. Let this speak to the importance of listening to your customers - if they want it, sell it to them!

  • THE IMPORTANCE OF ALT TEXT: You may not have realized it, but alt text can be important in helping with the accessibility of your website. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of it.

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Agency: Somesuch

Amazon, which you might not usually associate with insurance, has launched a new campaign in hopes of changing that narrative. In this ad, they feature a blend of using their platform traditionally and in a newer, untraditional way. Pepper in some whimsical tonality, and we have this ad, which is simple enough to tell its message and interesting enough to keep you watching. Overall, I like it. However, I wish there was a bit more info on the new insurance product.


Agency: Airbnb + Buck Animations

Short and to the point. I can appreciate that. In this new campaign, Airbnb takes aim at hotels by highlighting the benefits of quiet time, which I think most can relate to. Communicated through captivating and cutesy animations, this campaign says what it needs to, keeps your eyes fulfilled, and gets out of your way.

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